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 APB-All Points Bulletin (2010/BETA/ENG) 20GB

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SécRéTs AdministratoR
SécRéTs AdministratoR

Mesaj Sayısı : 4
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Kayıt tarihi : 08/02/10

MesajKonu: APB-All Points Bulletin (2010/BETA/ENG) 20GB   Çarş. Mart 31, 2010 2:37 pm

APB-All Points Bulletin (2010/BETA/ENG) | PC | 8,14 GB

Genre: MMOG / Action / RPG / Online-only / Massively multiplayer

APB - a kind of third-person shooter with a deep, detailed configuration, from the creators of Grand Theft Auto, developed by Real Time Worlds Ltd. APB uses "living, breathing" ("Live and breathe") to create a "living" city, where players are constantly faced - on foot or by car - Determining the future of San Paro. San Paro - a fictional capital city, where two factions - advocates and criminals - are vying for control. APB massively multiplayer online game based on the unrestricted freedom of movement and combat. APB offers players a living city, where the availability of money and territory equals respect. In APB players must decide whether or not they enforce the laws, to take the compliance issues of justice and order, or to become a gangster, who acts illegally. APB will provide players the opportunity to configure parts of their clothing, weapons, cars and preferences in music. Features:
On this promising game has been known for a very long time, her videos are displayed at E3 2005, in those years, the exhibition was the largest and most attractive, so here a few years, development time moved a little, but the concept of the game is not changed. From its title APB - 2009 can be seen only in what year will this project, but that will be inside while not very well known. Key personnel of the company-developer Realtime Worlds claim a multimillion-dollar budget, but that this game should be a truly mass, not a role, but simply an online game, that is to say that the APB - 2009 - a game in the MMORPG genre would be not properly and correctly. Developers boldly declare that they do not like all the fantasy and mythical things, they want to replace the usual things, the buildings of our times and all that surrounds the people, not what makes up a sick fantasy writers. Very much the authors have tried over the face of your characters, they are incredibly photorealistic. Flow changes, now you can easily understand who is in front of you, just clothes. There are in the game and built-in camera that would shoot mass events, such as chase and bank robberies, in general, if the project's creators APB - 2009 will receive everything they want done, then it would be really ambitious game that captures a wide audience of players, but it is hard to believe, too unknown company, the budget is unlikely to exceed the largest companies. In general, if you have enough patience and developers, you can get something tasty, and as long as everything is very vague.

Registration for beta-testing

System requirements:
- XP 32 & Vista 64 (Vista 32 not yet advisable)
- Core2 Quad 2.4Ghz or equivalent
- 4GB Main Memory
- Geforce 8800 512MB or equivalent
- 20GB free disk space



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APB-All Points Bulletin (2010/BETA/ENG) 20GB
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